Pah Leurat - July 8

School was closed Monday through Wednesday this week for Asanha Bucha, the Buddhist festival that celebrates the Buddha's first sermon, and for Khao Punsa, the beginning of Buddhist Lent. We used the opportunity to host a variety of fun activities for our students in the community library. More photos to come, eventually, but while I've got this moment at i-Kroon I'm uploading just a few recent and random pix.


Sukhothai - Saturday, July 4

Not convenient to upload any high-res pix today but here are a few teasers.





Uttaradit - Friday, July 3

11:22 AM

The kids are in Pah Leurat today, teaching grades 1-6 on their own with Benyapa in charge. Boosaba and I are in the provincial capital, a relative metropolis some twenty-five miles downriver. Boosaba is out buying groceries for the group and insurance for the fifty village kids who will be joining our day-trip to Sukhothai tomorrow, and I'm at i-Kroon, my favorite coffee house in Uttaradit, savoring serial cappuccinos while using their Wi-Fi to upload nearly a hundred high-res images to our web site. The connection is stable if not fast, so I should be done within an hour.

Inside Thailand families are welcome to download and print as many of these as they like. Others should contact me first, as all of these images were taken by Benyapa or myself and are copyrighted to Inside Thailand.